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Hi I'm James. I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and qualified school teacher. As well as teaching those wanting to gain their driving independence I have also taught hundreds of young people in schools. Add in 3 step-children now in their late twenties and I reckon that I have plenty of experience of listening, helping and guiding.

I loved my classroom teaching but required a career that offered flexibility as well so driving instruction seemed the perfect solution. I always say that the added advantage is that the student cannot swing on their chair!!

Before moving to Somerset I was a driving instructor in North Devon for 6 years where there was a very similar combination of town road systems as well as narrow country roads and dual carriageways.

Please give me a ring or use the "Contact me" button to find out more. I want you to be confident in your choice of instructor so I will be happy to meet with you before you make your decision.